Men’s Muscle Stack

As difficult as losing weight can be, gaining muscle can be even more difficult. It’s not as straightforward as simply eating more. While many gym-goers are afraid of becoming “too bulky,” the reality is it can be incredibly difficult to build quality, lean, and functional muscle mass. The first step is to baseline yourself with sound nutritional, training, sleep, and overall health physiology regimens. From there, if you find yourself looking to build serious size in the right places, look no further than this primer into nutritional supplementation for better building!

MaxxTOR is a truly revolutionary and innovative new product from Nutrofit LLC that contains the key patented ingredient proven to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis, muscle size, strength, and power while simultaneously working to decrease body fat. A couple years ago, the team at Nutrofit LLC introduced a revolutionary new product for strength, performance, and physique remodeling that outperformed every single muscle-building ingredient to hit the market in the last two decades. That solution was MaxxTOR™ and the game has been changed because of it. Men (and women, too) can use MaxxTOR™ for their strength, performance, lean muscle-building, fat loss, and fitness goals and can experience the difference!

MaxxTOR is driven by Mediator Phosphatidic Acid, one of the most powerful molecular activators of mTOR signaling. Scientists have validated the patented ingredient Mediator Phosphatidic Acid to be more powerful than creatine or beta-alanine in activating mTOR.

MaxxTOR Key Features
• Boosts Strength
• Enhances Performance
• Aids in Fat Loss
• Promotes Muscle Gain

MaxxTOR even has its own training system to help drive your muscle and strength-gaining results! The MaxxTOR Training System was developed by Nutrofit LLC to mirror the exact protocol used by Dr. Jacob Wilson and his research team that studied Mediator Phosphatidic Acid and resistance exercise and performance outcomes at The University of Tampa. By using the MaxxTOR product and following the MaxxTOR Training System for eight weeks, you should expect to see similar results found from Dr. Wilson’s research study to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis, muscle size, strength and power while at the same time decreasing body fat.

Don’t just listen to the science, though. MaxxTOR walks the walk, too! Dr. Guillermo Escalante, a bodybuilder and professor of exercise science at California State University, had this to say: “As a professor with over 14 years of bodybuilding experience, I can honestly say this product is an amazing addition to any supplementation program to maximize your results.”

In fact, Escalante tried MaxxTOR for himself and this is what happened for him: “Eight weeks after starting MaxxTOR, I had dropped from 195 pounds with 12 percent body fat down to 184 pounds with 4.5 percent body fat. This was measured hydrostatically at my work at the Human Performance Laboratory at Cal State University, San Bernardino. This equated to an increase of muscle of 5.1 pounds and a decrease in body fat of 15.1 pounds.”

2TX by Nutrofit LLC represents the elite arsenal in testosterone amplification and age-related hormonal support. 2TX’s innovative and science-based formula is strategically designed to promote the powerful natural testosterone mechanisms within the male body, releasing testosterone from binding transport proteins, optimizing steroid receptor binding capacity, and blocking unwanted estrogen production. The key ingredients in 2TX have been shown in human clinical trials to increase free (unbound and bioavailable) testosterone by 98 percent.

Free testosterone is the only form of the hormone that binds to androgen receptors resulting in both anabolic and androgenic effects. Androgen binding then activates a cascade of biological mechanisms for protein synthesis, tissue growth, increased bone density, and muscle strength.

The best analogy is if you’re driving a hot rod, and for some reason, you were unable to ‘floor’ the gas pedal and go as fast as possible, that would represent low testosterone. Through a natural means the 2TX enables you to ‘floor’ your body’s own natural testosterone production, thereby enhancing your levels to the highest possible rate as naturally as possible.

2TX Key Factors
• Natural Testosterone Booster
• Increases Immune Function
• Boosts Energy and Sex Drive
• Promotes Fat Loss
• Increases Strength & Lean Muscle Mass

Who Is It For?
Testosterone levels begin to decline in the late third or early fourth decade and diminish at a constant rate thereafter. Steeper declines occur in unbound or free testosterone. Lower testosterone levels is a major risk factor for a multitude of metabolic and mental health conditions. 2TX was designed as a natural solution to this problem of low T.

2TX effectively serves as the bridge between your own production and boosting your testosterone from an outside source, all the while keeping everything natural. 2TX can be used men over the age of 30 who are dealing with diminishing testosterone levels or by anyone looking to optimize their own health and fitness to reach their goals. This includes direct implications on lean muscle growth!

What are people saying? “Well, I was unsure at first, but I took the product home to try and what a difference I felt right away,” said Michael Manzella of Modesto, CA. “I am 65 years old and never realized how great I have been feeling. It has been two weeks since I was in your store and the way I feel right now I haven’t felt like this in the last 15 years!”

MTX drives the support of lean muscle development for anyone looking to remodel their physique! MTX was created to be the sister product to 2TX for testosterone support. MTX’s innovative and evidence-based formula is driven by the premier patented ingredient Myotestoserone. Myotestosterone has been shown in published rigorous clinical studies to significantly increase testosterone levels in healthy men. MTX delivers clinically validated doses of Myotestosterone along with powerful synergistic ingredients to get the results you expect from a top-shelf Max Muscle product.

Whereas 2TX is primarily herbal based, using the all-natural, plant-based, Testofurenol and Testofen as its core root ingredients (in addition to its own synergistic blend of ingredients), the Myotestosterone in MTX is sourced from an entirely different ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is a physiological amino acid occurring principally in the pituitary gland, neuroendocrine tissues, and the male testes. MTX’s own version of this, Myotestosterone, is so potent that in many cases it has been shown to take effect in as little as three days!

MTX Key Factors
• Natural Testosterone Booster
• Suppresses Estrogen
• Natural Testosterone Booster
• Increases Immune Function
• Boosts Energy and Sex Drive
• Promotes Fat Loss
• Increases Strength & Lean Muscle Mass

Who Is It For?
MTX shares a similar core audience and intended user base as 2TX. The primary concern and thus objective of MTX is to aid in the production of testosterone through natural means. In fact, studies have shown that through natural means, MTX and 2TX (when combined), can work in conjunction to “free” a higher sum of molecules for the body’s testosterone production. It’s also a good idea to try one or the other to see which one garners the greatest effect from your body, and in most cases, users should feel tangible benefits from both. If this is the case, the best way to bulletproof your hormone levels and quality of life is to take them both. You can use MTX to support your lean muscle building goals for maximum muscle gain.

Nitro 2
Supporting nitric oxide production is a great way to further support muscle gain. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (MMSN) continues to stand behind its pre-workout innovation, Max Nitro 2. Masterfully formulated to promote the body’s production of nitric oxide, this scientifically-based formula is designed to provide insane muscle pumps, intensity and performance. Max Nitro 2 is composed of a rapid responding molecular matrix of powerful ingredients to promote the production of nitric oxide by supporting the key enzyme responsible for this process in athletic performance called endothelial NOS or eNOS. Max Nitro 2 is your key product for peak strength performance and vascular architecture.

Max Nitro 2 is composed of powerful ingredients to support the production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule involved in numerous physiological and pharmacological processes in the human body. Nitric Oxide is formed by the action of the enzyme NO synthase (NOS) on the substrate L-arginine.

Nitro 2 Key Features
• Enhances Nitric Oxide Modulation
• Promotes eNOS Upregulation
• Rapid Responding Molecular Matrix
• Optimizes Blood Flow and Nutrient Delivery
• Enhanced Muscle Pumps, Intensity, and Power

There are three forms of NOS: inducible NOS (iNOS), endothelial NOS (eNOS) and neural NOS (nNOS). The eNOS, found in the vascular endothelium, is most important for athletic performance. Nitric oxide results in expansion of the blood vessels (vasodilation), which enhances blood flow, oxygen transport, and nutrient delivery to skeletal muscles.

This scientifically advanced and specially formulated supplement will ensure optimum vascular and muscle enhancing benefits. Matt Streckfus, 27, of San Rafael, CA includes Nitro 2 in his supplement regimen: “When I first embarked on my initial physical transformation that so many of us undergo, I used Nitro 2 as a vital nutrient to drive my training sessions and enhance muscular development! One of my favorites!”

Where To Go From Here
If you’re looking to build muscle, start with your foundations: sound nutrition, exercise, sleep, and overall physiological maintenance. Once you’re dialed in, don’t suffer from analysis paralysis, stop by your local Nutrofit LLC and consult with a specialist to try and/or get started on any or more of these quality muscle growth support products!

By Matt Cooper